Commit e5a1093e5bdf4e50235323c2a797ce5de4d1a718

Thomas de Grivel 2020-03-18T11:04:00

fix openbsd package installation with version specified in package id

diff --git a/core/resource.lisp b/core/resource.lisp
index dc27ace..d5ea4e5 100644
--- a/core/resource.lisp
+++ b/core/resource.lisp
@@ -177,7 +177,7 @@
           (let* ((probed (get-probed res property))
                  (desc (describe-probed-property-value res property
-            (unless (match-specified-value res property specified desc)
+            (unless (match-specified-value res property specified desc os)
               (push (list property specified desc) failed))))))
     (setq failed (nreverse failed))
     (when failed
@@ -202,6 +202,7 @@
                 (op-keys (operation-properties op))
                 (op-plist (get-properties op-keys plist))
                 (op-fun (operation-generic-function op)))
+           (format t "~%")
            (apply (the function op-fun) res os op-plist)
            (clear-probed res op-keys)
            (sync-check host res op op-keys op-plist os))))))
diff --git a/core/spec.lisp b/core/spec.lisp
index 31c690a..4d063c4 100644
--- a/core/spec.lisp
+++ b/core/spec.lisp
@@ -97,14 +97,15 @@
 ;;  Methods for matching specified and probed values
-(defgeneric match-specified-value (resource property specified probed))
+(defgeneric match-specified-value (resource property specified probed os))
-(defmethod match-specified-value (resource property specified probed)
+(defmethod match-specified-value (resource property specified probed os)
   (equalp specified (describe-probed-property-value resource property probed)))
 (defmethod match-specified-value (resource (property (eql :ensure))
                                   (specified (eql :present))
-                                  (probed null))
+                                  (probed null)
+                                  os)
 ;;  Methods to get current status of resource
@@ -126,7 +127,7 @@ Second value lists properties in line with spec. Format is
               (specified (pop specified-properties))
               (probed (get-probed res property))
               (desc (describe-probed-property-value res property probed)))
-         (unless (match-specified-value res property specified desc)
+         (unless (match-specified-value res property specified desc (host-os *host*))
            (push `(,property ,specified ,desc) diff))))
     (nreverse diff)))
diff --git a/unix/openbsd.lisp b/unix/openbsd.lisp
index acc4cef..64908d3 100644
--- a/unix/openbsd.lisp
+++ b/unix/openbsd.lisp
@@ -33,8 +33,8 @@
   "Syntax for pkg_info(1) on OpenBSD"
   (values name version flavor (and installed t)))
-(define-syntax openbsd-pkg-id (name flavor)
-  #~|^([^:]+)(?::(.+)$)?|
+(define-syntax openbsd-pkg-id (name version flavor)
+  #~|^(.*?)(?:-([0-9].*?))?(?::(.+))?$|
   "Syntax for openbsd-pkg id")
 (defgeneric probe-openbsd-pkg (resource os))
@@ -42,18 +42,19 @@
 (defmethod probe-openbsd-pkg ((pkg openbsd-pkg) (os os-openbsd))
   (let ((id (resource-id pkg))
         (ensure :absent))
-    (with-openbsd-pkg-id (id-name id-flavor) (list id)
+    (with-openbsd-pkg-id (id-name id-version id-flavor) (list id)
       ;(format t "~&id-name ~S id-flavor ~S~%" id-name id-flavor)
       (multiple-value-bind (version flavor)
           (with-pkg_info<1> (name version flavor installed)
-              (run "pkg_info -Q " (sh-quote id-name))
+              (run "pkg_info | egrep " (sh-quote (str "^" id-name)))
             ;(format t "~&name ~S version ~S flavor ~S installed ~S~%" name version flavor installed)
             (when (and (string= id-name name)
                        (or (and (null id-flavor) (null flavor))
                            (and id-flavor flavor
-                                (string= id-flavor flavor))))
-              (when installed
-                (setf ensure :installed))
+                                (string= id-flavor flavor)))
+                       (or (null id-version)
+                           (string= id-version version)))
+              (setf ensure :installed)
               (return (values version flavor))))
         (return (properties* ensure version flavor))))))
@@ -64,14 +65,29 @@
   (sort (remove-duplicates (append old new))
+(defmethod match-specified-value ((res host)
+                                  (property (eql :packages))
+                                  (specified list)
+                                  (probed list)
+                                  (os os-openbsd))
+  (format t "~&match-specified-value specified ~S~%" specified)
+  (format t "~&match-specified-value probed ~S~%" probed)
+  (force-output)
+  (with-openbsd-pkg-id (name version flavor) specified
+    (unless (find name probed :test #'string=)
+      (return nil)))
+  t)
 (defmethod op-openbsd-pkg ((pkg openbsd-pkg) (os os-openbsd) &key ensure)
-  (with-openbsd-pkg-id (id-name id-flavor) (list (resource-id pkg))
-    (when id-flavor
+  (with-openbsd-pkg-id (id-name id-version id-flavor) (list (resource-id pkg))
+    (when (and id-flavor (not id-version))
       (probe pkg :version))
     (let ((pkg-string (str id-name
+                           (when (or id-version id-flavor)
+                             `(#\- ,(or id-version
+                                        (get-probed pkg :version))))
                            (when id-flavor
-                             `(#\- ,(get-probed pkg :version)
-                               #\- ,id-flavor)))))
+                             `(#\- ,id-flavor)))))
         ((eq ensure :absent)
          (run "pkg_delete " (sh-quote pkg-string)))
@@ -95,8 +111,15 @@
 (defmethod op-host-packages ((host host) (os os-openbsd) &key packages)
   (with-host host
-    (dolist (id packages)
-      (let ((pkg (resource 'openbsd-pkg id :ensure :installed)))
+    (with-openbsd-pkg-id (name version flavor) packages
+      (let ((pkg (resource 'openbsd-pkg name
+                           :ensure :installed)))
+        (when version
+          (resource 'openbsd-pkg name
+                    :version version))
+        (when flavor
+          (resource 'openbsd-pkg name
+                    :flavor flavor))
         (sync pkg)))))
diff --git a/unix/stat.lisp b/unix/stat.lisp
index 5297a8f..703ffea 100644
--- a/unix/stat.lisp
+++ b/unix/stat.lisp
@@ -143,5 +143,5 @@
   (= (mode-fixnum value1) (mode-fixnum value2)))
 (defmethod match-specified-value ((resource vnode) (property (eql :mode))
-                                  specified probed)
+                                  specified probed os)
   (= (mode-fixnum specified) (mode-fixnum probed)))