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    Elixir client for the OVH API.



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    ExOvh is an helper library for the elixir language for the Ovh Api. To use the Openstack components of the OVH API, see Openstex

    Project Features

    • A Supervised agent running in the background which stores frequently accessed authentication information.
    • Helper modules for making building requests to the Ovh Api.
    • Request functions to send requests to the Ovh Api.

    Getting started - Step 1: Generating the OVH application key, application secret and consumer key.

    • This may be done manually by going to and following the directions outlined by OVH at their first steps guide.

    • Alternatively, this may be achieved by running a mix task. This saves me a lot of time when generating a new application.

    • Documentation here

    Getting Started - Step 2: Generating the OVH client module for your elixir application

    • The client module (eg AwesomeApp.OvhClient) is the interface for accessing the functions of the ex_ovh API.

    • Documentation here


    Examples - Method 1 - Building the queries manually and send the request (my preferred way)

    • GET /me/api/application/#{app_id}

      app_id = "0"
      req = %HTTPipe.Request{
      method: :get,
      url: "/me/api/application/#{app_id}"
    • GET /cloud/project/{serviceName}/storage

      service_name = "service_name"
      req = %HTTPipe.Request{
      method: :get,
      url: "/cloud/project/#{service_name}/storage"
      |> MyApp.OvhClient.request!()

    Examples - Method 2 - Build the request using provided helper functions and send the request

    Note: Helper functions are only available currently for the /Cloud portion of the OVH API. Eventually, I would like to write a macro to create the queries.

    • GET /cloud/project/{serviceName}/storage

      ExOvh.V1.Cloud.get_containers(service_name) |> ExOvh.request!()
    • For more information See Hex Docs


    • Pull requests welcome.


    • Tests have not been written yet.


    • [ ] Tests for OVH portion of library
    • [ ] Option to set the application ttl when running ovh mix task.
    • [x] Basic examples to be added to readme of usage of the api.
    • [ ] Add macro for building queries.
    • [ ] Write the usage guide - more examples of using the API.
    • [ ] Remove dependency on :calendar if tz info is not required.


    This is an unofficial client to the OVH api and is not maintained by OVH.


    MIT Licence