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SSH keys fingerprint

/!\ Warning /!\ SSH keys have changed, here are the new ones :
1024 SHA256:XCZLwzJtGSk1+H65Z2gBKp7SUezH3fEW8knzkvoBm/4 root@git.kmx.io (DSA)
 256 SHA256:Js4QV6LbverEFDM5Y5iu5nVmw59OpQ6B6Q4l9RLyv8s root@git.kmx.io (ECDSA)
 256 SHA256:g1tAJZa0Z30sPQA+OKK3H75Gox8du2Tu3IhzFGZjkCA root@git.kmx.io (ED25519)
3072 SHA256:8F/tgWRqIi6ZzFyQVG3366Nqemg4BbA2wNPqBNKZCAw root@git.kmx.io (RSA)


Install git

# Clone repository user/path/to/repo if repo does not exist :
git clone git@git.kmx.io:user/path/to/repo.git
cd repo

# Change branch :
git branch master

# Pull changes from remote :
git pull

# Add local changes to next commit :
git add README.md static/index.html

# Commit :
git commit -m "a short and descriptive message"

# Push changes to remote :
git push

# Or if your local repo already exists,
# Add remote to existing repo :
git remote add kmx git@git.kmx.io:user/path/to/repo.git

# Push to new remote :
git push -u kmx master

Get the git url at https://git.kmx.io/user/path/to/repo


If you need more help with git, please see :


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